About Us

Meadway Dental is a New Delhi based company representing four globally recognized brands- Meadway, MR. Dental, Kemdent and Unodent.


Meadway Dental is proud to announce Kemdent range of waxes, Meadway brand of acrylics, MR. Dental brand products and Unodent brand of surgical products that are exclusively available from us.


Meadway Dental offers “Products You Can Trust”

Kemdent is a globally recognized brand of Associated Dental Products Ltd, a UK manufacturer of Dental Waxes. Kemdent modelling waxes have been well established for over 90 years. Their products are CE marked. The manufacturing method and formulation of its modelling waxes are unique and the brands are recognized by dental technicians throughout the world as the finest available. Kemdent products are manufactured to 1S013485.

UnoDent is a private Label of The Dental Directory established in the UK providing exceptional quality products that are reliable and UnoDent is a name you can trust. They Offer a number of Dental surgery product lines and are a leading supplier to the Dental surgery network in the UK.


MR. Dental is a Leading manufacturer of Meadway range of denture base materials, acrylic teeth, specialist acrylics for impressions, orthodontic work, and phantom head products for teaching and demonstration.


MR. Dental also supplies its own brand of glass ionomer cements, composites, alginates, silicone impression putty and dental alloy materials.


MR. Dental has recently introduced their MIIDAS range of instruments and accessories.


MR. Dental also specializes in the production of pigmented tooth-making polymers and can match colors to the customer’s specification or sample.


MR. Dental has expertise in manufacturing tooth making equipment and machinery and has established many turnkey plants around the world.


MR.Dental has ISO13485 and ISO 9001 accreditation and are CE marked in accordance with the Directive 93/42/EEC.

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